Monday, August 27, 2012

The Power of Choice

It has been so long since I’ve opened the door to possibility

Constantly running from the fear and ever present insecurity

Settling into complacency, no need for introspection

The journey of desire has only resolved into rejection

Suffering in silence while barely surviving

Getting by and pressing through, not living…not thriving

Telling myself I’ve accomplished much and should be settled in my truth

While choking every chance for change, killing the dreams of my youth

How did this become the very essence of my being?

To not want, to not desire…it’s safer, but not freeing.

I feel strained, chained; held captive in this cycle I create

Blaming everyone else for the condition of my fate

So this new trajectory before me

Will I allow myself to just be?

In the midst of the yearning

Desire burning

Possibilities churning

Will I finally allow this process to be one of learning?

I will shed the armor I’ve worn, risking and taking the chance

To live my desired life

To stop existing by happenstance

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