Monday, November 23, 2009

Time for an Update

Well, I realize a lot has been goin on and I haven't updated my blog in a while. So, here goes...The kids are in school and C is responding so well to his teacher, the class, the structure, the techniques of teaching and shaping his behavior, it's just wonderful. We can see evidence already and it's such a blessing and a relief. Little T loves her class too...the teacher says she's really engaged, right there with her on everything and she's really bright. Well, we knew that, now didn't we. She also gets some fun alone time with T, so that's been fun for both of them. We celebrated Thanksgiving last Saturday with my side of the family and so this Thurs. we are going to pull out all the boxes and decorate for Christmas, YAY! The kids are excited and already talking about Jesus' birthday, Santa bringing presents, the tree, the lights, etc...C said he was going to sit on Santa's lap and ask him to bring him a park..yes, that's right, he wants a park for Christmas. I told him that might be a bit out of Santa's budget. Then, T's mom and dad (Grammy and Pop-pop) in MN sent packages that we received today with wrapped Christmas presents and the kids are so excited! We are going back to Redding for Christmas to visit my Aunt and Uncle and they say there might be a little snow. It will certainly be cold and crisp and should make for a fun Christmas. The kids are totally excited...they loved being at my Aunt's house. My great neice is getting so big (7 mos) and my nephew and his wife are pregnant with their second child!
I haven't been doing so good with the healthy eating as of late...I need to get back on track. Right now we're all sick with colds and sore throats - so hopefully we'll be feeling better soon. I sure am thankful for my wife and my kids - I am so blessed to have a family. I love them so!