Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life has thrown me a punch!

Well...life has thrown some major curve balls and I just need to vent. Call it a pity-party if you need to, but I just need someone to hear how insane my days have been as of late. It all begun with the partner needing to have surgery. Ok, we can do this. I arranged to work from home (things are a bit slow right now with the pending lay off approaching) and we also put Grama on stand by. No big deal...I can step into full time mom mode when needed as the babies have a pretty set schedule. Even before the surgery we were extra careful not to expose ourselves to the nasty flu/cough/crap that is going around.
First, T's surgery was cancelled and had to be rescheduled. We were all prepared (mentally, physically and emotionally) and then her surgeon got called to jury duty. Can you believe that? Jury Friggin Duty! She could not get out of it and thus needed to reschedule surgery for 6 days later..Valentines Day. Oh joy!
Then, on Tuesday, C begins coughing. By Wednesday afternoon, we are in the waiting room at his pediatrician. Every child, baby and teenager in that waiting room had the croupy cough that C had...another joy!
The surgery took place on Thursday morning and much to my dismay took most of the day. I was at the hospital from 6am - 5:30pm. What fun that was. But thankfully the surgery went well. We came home to 2 sick kids with horrid coughs. Let's fastforward, as I am getting worn out just writing about it. So, by the weekend we have 2 kids with croup, on steriods, and little T also has a double ear infection. T is recovering but also highly medicated and acting quite strange, as she hardly takes anything stronger than a tylenol. She is also having a hard time being so out of control (regarding the care of the kids and the house and also hearing her poor babies cough and be so sick and she cannot get up and tend to them.) As a result, this out of control deal has made her a horrible patient. I mean HORRIBLE!
Ok, then Grama, who is staying with us to help...accidently turns on our old antique stove and forgets to light the flame (which you MUST do immediately)...I didn't realize it had been 5 mintues, smelled gas, and went to light the flame. The stove exploded in my face and I caught on fire. The fire reminded me of backdraft, the movie, as it came up my arms and over my head and then back off again. It was SCARY! Thank God my face was protected by my hair hanging down....but needless to say the smell of burning hair is the worst smell ever! It took me a few minutes to get over the shock and to realize that my right hand was blistering and burning and hurt REALLY, REALLY bad...I immediately put it in cold water...but turned out my right hand was burned pretty badly. Right now in fact, my skin has just peeled and I have these raw fingers with creme all over them wrapped up in a glove. At least it doesn't hurt like the huge boiled blisters did yesterday before they popped.
Ok, so now I am one handed and the primary care taker for 2 sick kids and 1 recovering partner. Not to mention that all the stress is getting to us and my mom and I have been fighting and T and my mom and we're all just sick of each other. My mother snores too....really loud....it's so annoying.
Ok...so here I am.
It's pathetic, isn't it?
I don't know what else could land on my plate this week...but let's just hope that somehow I muster the strength to carry the load.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mick-me's House

Well, we have visited Mick-me's house and boy, little T is in love. It's so cute how she will wake up and say "Mick-me Houuussse" with this cute little "Can we go" look. I have a feeling we will visit regularly.

Potty Chairs

They arrived today. The ever anticipated potty chairs. One pink and one blue. T has been telling the twins for weeks now that they will have their very own potties to sit on and use. Big Girl potty, Big Boy Potty. So of course, when they arrived, they instantly wanted to sit on them. I can't believe they are this big already. They are so cute, sitting on their potty chair. C (nickname Bub) gets up and doesn't want to sit and so little T says "Bub...potty!" I have a feeling it's going to be hard for little T to understand that her and Bub may not go potty at exactly the same time, together. They do everything else together...she may be sad to venture out and do this new potty thing by herself. Hmmm.....we may have to think about how to twist this one around...the new Big Girl can lead the way and show Bub how to potty on the big potty chair. Hmmm...she just wants to be with him all the time and wants him to be doing what she is doing. So sweet...my little girl.

Monday, February 11, 2008

So hard to bear
It affects us so deeply

I think we were created to be known and to be in relationship
With God, our Creator, and with each other

God is a God of community
He restores relationships that are broken
Loss, that sadness, is not part of Him
For God IS Love

Loss is devistating
Especially when the person you lost is yourself!

Recently a friend passed away. She had brain cancer. The cancer affected her true self. She had many surgeries and eventually became someone different. The cancer affected her moods, feelings, attitudes, decisions, etc...and eventually, she was lost. The original, true core of my friend was no longer. She lost herself. In the final months of her life, she did things she would have never done. She hurt people and left people behind and made choices that many do not understand. However, it was her life to live. Grieving began long ago...for many of us, as my friend was lost and not returning.

When I heard of her passing last week, I became very sad. She did not end this life in the way she desired for so long. She was not with her daughter, she was not with her partner of 9 years, she was not with any of her friends, she was not even in Cali., which had become her home. I became very sad for her.

May we all make choices that reflect our hearts for one another. May we not take one day for granted. May we live in constant grattitude over the blessings we have in this life. For we are healthy (most of us), alive, capable, intelligent, talented, and most of all...we are here. We aren't wandering about aimlessley...we are not lost, we are present and engaged. That in itself is the true blessing!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

She lost the battle
In the end
She fought so hard
Her love to send
Out to the world
So all would feel
The love she shared
With all was real
She's gone now
But all will see
Her shining heart
...her Legacy

Monday, February 4, 2008

A smile
Inviting you in
That sweet grin
A laugh
So contageous
A spirit
A Warrior
Fighting with Valor
Until the end
My Friend

It can change your attitude
It can bring you out of solitude
and fill you with fortitude