Monday, August 13, 2012

The Deconstruction of Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a process
Of healing and letting go
Of being willing to strip yourself of all superiority
Of realizing that you too are fallible and capable of hurting others in your pain

Reconciliation is a journey
Of acceptance and willingness
Of making peace with all that you cannot change
Of learning new tools so you do not repeat the same patterns of destructive behavior

Reconciliation is a choice
Of speaking truth to your inner most self
Of mindfulness of your wounds, yet resilience to press on
Of daily surrender to changing and evolving as to be your best self

Reconciliation is courageous
Of being reunited with your true core self
Of embracing the humanity in yourself and others
Of letting go of expectations and allowing yourself to live in truth

Reconciliation brings freedom!

My truth: Reconciliation is a risk...Risking is vulnerable...Vulnerability brings us into contact with our deepest yearnings...our deepest yearnings bring us to a place where we tap into all that we desire to be; all that God created us to be...God is the source as He is a God of reconciliation...a God of relationship...a God of healing.  We have life so that we might live. Reconciliation is just part of the adventure we take as we continue down the path of recovery. It's worth the risk!

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