Monday, August 13, 2012

The music never stopped

As the night air turned crisp and the sun began it's descent, I was quieted by the memory of you
Sitting across from me in the backyard as the dawn snuck upon us, beckoning our bodies to rest
Our souls full, our hearts pounding
That is the night the music began
Through the years we became deaf to the calling, allowing the music to fade and drift away as the begging, the pleading grew silent
We would no longer allow the soothing tune to overpower our wills as we bathed ourselves in pride, taking comfort in the struggle, suffocating the sweet song that once led us home
And even as we drew our swords, casting our pain and despair upon the other in utter desperation
The music never stopped
It whispered in our hearts, it told of a love that defies all possibility, it spoke of a place where once again our souls would find their resting place
And in the silence, as a soft breath escapes my mouth, I can hear the sweet call..the tender sound
Calming my inner self, I open my heart and intently listen; arming myself against fear's innate penetration
And as I allow the music to envelop my being, I begin to bask in the overwhelming feeling of joy
And as truth washes over me I realize I have once again found my way home

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