Sunday, October 10, 2010

National Coming Out Day - Monday, Oct. 11th

A service was held tonight to celebrate being who God created us to be. In honor of National Coming Out Day tomorrow, we gathered tonight at our church to reflect on the unique thumb print given to us all by God. We are diverse and colorful and ALL of us loved deeply by our Creator. We are called to be an expression of Him...and yet if we do not enter in to who we really are, our true authentic selves, due to fear/injustice/rejection/etc....we miss out on what it is God really wants to do through us, as gay people.

We gathered tonight and focused on Hope. Kids are dying and it is not ok. The suicides that have taken place have caused a lot of us to step up and stand up to say "NO MORE!" We must tell our stories and share the hope that has helped us all get to where we are on our own journey.

We are bonded by the "likeness" of our paths...we are a community...we are family.

Tomorrow, on National Coming Out Day...I will continue to live as my authentic self hoping that God can shine through me to touch another. If given the opportunity, I will share my story to hopefully help another find hope.

"It Will Get Better" I know this, because I was the victim of a hate crime for being gay. I have been bullied and have lost friends and family members for being gay. I have stood out on the margins and have learned to find my true self worth and value from within and from God. I know it gets better....I am living proof as many of us are...we all have our stories....try sharing yours tomorrow in honor of those who still live in fear about opening that closet door.