Saturday, July 21, 2012


Shadows cover my soul
Reminding me of the betrayal
Rage rises up and swallows whole any promise of freedom
I still stand in awe
Of the wounding you once inflicted
I'm torn in two,
obliterated by you,
yet I am the one who can't seem to break from these chains

Will I ever heal?
What does this pain reveal?
I must release the angst that still resides within
I know it's not my cross to bare, it's not my sin
Yet something restrains me from breaking free
It's like a never ending well of agony

As I glance in the mirror, my pride shatters
I'm faced with the question...What really matters?
The blame?
The internal shame?
Your wrongs, mine?
This alter, this shrine?
It's time to destroy this desolate land
I'm longing to give rather than demand
I want to feel the cool breeze once again sweetly kiss me on the cheek
This is true courage
This journey is not for the weak
I want to thrive, to survive, to finally live
I have found the motivation - ME
I will choose to forgive

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