Friday, March 27, 2009

Test the water...but then DIVE IN!!!

Little T at her first Beach Trip, sitting in the water, checking it all out. You know, that so represents how we approach new things in life as people. We want to try it out, check it all out, sit for a bit and get used to it and then decide if we really want to commit and "dive in"...put yourself out there. Recently I had a friend tell me to take it slow and not trust so easily. You know, I don't agree with that advice and maybe that is why I do get hurt from time to time. I take people at their word and I believe them to be honest and good; until they show me otherwise. For example, I have a new colleague at work who has become a good friend already. I believe that new friends arrive and surface in your life at just the right moment. I am sure you've heard that saying - Some for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime. Well I am so fortunate that he and I have become fast friends. Right off the bat it was obvious that we had a lot in common, but even more so, he is genuine, honest and trustworthy. If you have ever worked for people, or with people, who are disingenuous, deceitful and people who betray your trust, you know how very valuable it is to be able to trust someone and know that they truly have your best interest at heart. That is how I feel about thank you Joe for your friendship. I am so glad we are in it all together!! Hi Javi...congrats on your new home!! ;-)

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