Thursday, March 12, 2009

Future Dreams

I have a lot of dreams...about our future as a family mostly. I always wonder when you reach that know, when you no longer have dreams that are for yourself, and now have dreams for the entire family. It's kind of like shopping. I love to shop and used to shop for myself or T. But once we became pregnant (and ever since) I now always shop for the kids. Even when I go specifically to find something for myself, I come home with things for them and not me. When does this occur? This transition? I guess it must be part of the change that happens when you become a parent. Being a parent requires sacrafice. But sometimes I wonder how do we sacrafice and be the parent we need to be, and yet still find the time (emotionally, physically, etc...) to maintain our own "personhood?" There are some generations of parents who would say "once you become a parent, you lay down your life and you don't exist any longer." While I understand that perspective, I think it's important that we parents maintain some sense of self and try to take care of our own person, as well as be a good, sacraficing parent. I am just still trying to find that balance. I think T and I are good at taking time for us, going on dates periodically, etc...but I think we both need to provide independant time for the other to take time away, JUST FOR THEMSELVES, no one else! I am going to try and work on this.

P.S. That cute pic above is just for kicks and giggles!! ;0) Little T was laughing so hard and it just makes me smile.

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