Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pound the Water With Me and We'll Keep on Keepin On

You know I talked with some friends tonight and we discussed some of our "issues" in life that keep trippin us up. Sometimes it's a blessing to be self aware, and other times not so much. Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who truly doesn't have a clue...they seem so happy. The grass is always greener though, right. Anyway, so I am realizing that I am someone who really likes my vices because they work. They give me comfort, they make me feel better, they take away whatever fear and anxiety I may have been feeling, etc. They work! But, what I am realizing is that there is always a cost. Most times I am in denial about that part...but I feel that my conversation tonight really removed the veil...well, ripped it of really...and I am glad. In the end, I am glad that I see myself and even though it's not always pleasant, I have the power to grow and change. Those happy, clueless people, well they don' t have any power and they'll always be happy, but also always clueless...but I have the opportunity to deepen my own sense of self, my relationships with others and my offering to our world. I guess the best part about talking with good friends about real stuff is knowing that I am not alone. So, I will take the journey (yet again) one step a time. You coming with?

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