Monday, February 2, 2009

Twins and Twins and more Twins

Our boy/girl twins with our friend's boy/girl twins - they are two weeks apart. The boys sat together and the girls sat together as they rode a car ride at Pa's Pumpkin Patch this past fall. Twins are so much more prevelant these days. I mean gosh, every other couple in Hollywood has a pair now. I still think it's a mighty special thing, to have and raise twins. There are many lesbian moms with multiples, since some of us are older and are more at risk for a multiple birth. As many of you know, my sister has twins. So, even tho T carried and birthed our twins, it's very possible that I could have twins also, whenever we decide for baby #3. Of course we would make do...but I pray for a singleton (as us multiple moms call one baby) Twins are amazing and rewarding, but lots of work. I think some of us just get used to the chaos and wouldn't really know what to do with just one baby. I know sometimes I will take one shopping or something and it's so different to have just one. You really do adapt to your environment...for now, it's Twins all the way...but next time around, hopefully only one baby at a time.

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