Sunday, January 25, 2009

a year ago

she finally let go

in one moment she drifted away

her strength i admired

her body so tired

from the fight she endured each day

her soul was full

didn't take any bull

took life on life's terms, no matter what

and as her heart looked toward

the rugged point of her sword

she laid it down as her eyes slowly shut

she didn't lose the fight

her goal always in sight

to live, love, laugh and tell her story in song

she won in the end

she was a mom, daughter, sister and friend

and everyone who knew her will carry her memory on

There are times in life when your heart simply connects with another...sometimes it's immediate. You can't explain it. It's not always romantic, sometimes it is...other times it's as if you were somehow separated at birth and just drawn to one another life family.

That was how it was with Jeannie. Everyone who knew her was instantly drawn to her. She was a source of life and everyone wanted to be around her.

Thank you Jeannie for letting your soul shine so brightly in our world.

I miss you still.

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