Saturday, February 7, 2009

This is "J" and she is the most amazing, loving, wonderful woman. She was our lactation consultant and has been like family to us ever since. This picture was taken in Feb. 07, on Valentines' Day. We went to visit the hospital where the twins were born. Since that time J has been fighting a very advanced stage of breast cancer. She is a woman who has devoted her life to the breast, and to the core belief that all women can successfully breastfeed. She helped us when we were going through a lot and as many of you know, T became the champion pumper and breast feeder (with an entire fridge in the garage full of breast milk) Sometimes life is so hard to swallow. T has sent J many CD's full of healing, inspiring music for her many chemo and radiation appointments. We pray for her and love her. She has made a dramatic difference in our lives. Our babies lives have been enriched forever because they were breastfed (sorry, but I believe breast is best). Thank you J, we love you deeply!

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