Thursday, April 17, 2008

What is it about lesbians talking about their donors? It might just be me, but I don't want to share my donor number, or know how many other children are out there, produced by the same sperminator. I am, and forever will be, grateful to our donor. He gave us the greatest gift in the entire world. But, he gave it specifically to us. Our family could not have been created without his help. However, even though I know he has helped other parents create their families...that is just is, it's THEIR family. I realize there is biology here...and I am really grateful for the biology that coupled with T's has created the most beautiful, amazing, intelligent, funny, creative and talented kids. However I am not interested in knowing about other children out there, other parents who have used the same donor, etc...

The other day I was sitting at our play group (families with pride...all lesbian moms and toddlers/babies in our local area) and moms began talking about donors. That is their choice obviously, but I would like a choice in the matter as well. I think we should all be respectful of everyone in the community and be cautious when divulging sensitive information as we all may have different views and comfort levels. I think it's private, and we want it to remain that way. We are happy to share about the donor (his characteristics, height, weight, etc...) but he is our special gift and we don't want to share him. That's our right and I hope that others will respect every person's right to navigate through donor world their own way, with regard to their own personal choices.

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