Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well hello cyberspace friends, it's been a long time and I have been a bad, bad blogger. Good news on the job front, now working at an awesome job, so we are back to the regular routine. Although now that the twins will be 2 next month, I'm not sure that any of our regular routine will remain in tact. That's the one thing about parenthood you can count always changes. I used to think infancy was tough having two...oh no, welcome toddlerhood. Fun times!

So, I found some really great sites out there as of late. and there are some awesome blogs through that keep me feeling connected these days.

We're getting ready for the big birthday party (2 years old x two) and I promised myself I wouldn't go all out, and yet now it feels like I am going all out. I think I just love event planning and should I ever need to take up a new career, that would be it! I love finding things that go with a specific theme. It's such fun!

We're also getting ready for our family vacation over July 4th to see T's family in MN. The kids are excited to go on an airplane too. Oh, we'll see how excited at 1:30am when we leave on our redeye flight out of LA. It will either go really great with them sleepy and knocked out, or really horrible with terrible, cranky, tired toddlers. Let's hope option #1.

Still processing through a lot of loss with our friend who passed away in February of brain cancer. It just creeps up...the anger, the sadness, the pain. But, I am walking through it.

We're looking into preschools, so we'll keep you posted! For now, here's a new picture to enjoy!

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