Thursday, April 10, 2008

While not being employed is stressful, I must say I have shared some amazing moments with my little ones. The past few weeks have been full of new adventures. We visited the Santa Ana Zoo and they LOVED it. It's just their size, not too big, and there is a choo-choo train. Boy did little C love that! They also fed the goats little pellets and after putting aside their initial fear...they jumped right in and laughed and thought it was the neatest thing. We also saw a brand new baby monkey with it's mama. So cute!
We also plan to visit the organic farm and get some strawberries and take a wagon ride. Then we plan to also visit a place called Kid Concepts. It's an indoor play area with mats and balls and toddler gym time. That should be great! We often visit the aquarium and last week a friend of ours took us behind the scenes. What fun that was, and we were able to feed some of the fish. We've had many play dates at the park and outings to the mall to ride in the fire engine double truck and ride the horses on the carousel. We plan to visit Mickey's house again soon and we have begun many art projects at home. I must say, it's rather nice to be a part of my little one's every day experience. When I return to work I think I may grieve and feel great loss, but I know it's for them and our family. So, in the mean time I will continue my avid job searching, but also relish the sweet memories we are making as a family!

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