Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The weirdest thought...in the midst of this journey (you know, the was laid off have no income or health benefits journey) we have been looking at pics of the little ones when they were born. I can't wait to have another baby. Isn't that horribly crazy? We are talking about actually doing it...maybe the beginning of 2009. Wow! So many people say, "Oh, one of each, a boy and a girl, now you are done!" Why do they assume that because we have 1 boy and 1 girl that we are finished building our family. Don't straight couples at times have more than 2 children...and even have more of the same sex? Anyway...I always just reply...nope, we may have more.

My little boy is going through a "scared" phase...it seems he is right in line with a phase that some toddlers go through around his age (22 months). He says he is scared and then he says ok, like, I'm ok. But he seems to be having these scared moments more often. Not sure how to respond, except of course to cuddle and comfort him. Now, it's even the tubby (bath time) which is a new one....so, anyone with any tips, please let me know. Thnks!

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