Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a New Day...and a New Year!!

Wow...2008! I can't believe it...As most of us turn inward and reflect upon the previous year, we are often times reminded of the areas within ourselves we would like to improve, the things we will once again strive to accomplish, and the many things that happened in our lives over the past year that changed us...we are different, we have evolved...mostly for the better, we all hope, but often times we focus on the negative. Why do we do this? What always pulls our introspection to the negative? The failures? All of the things NOT accomplished...all of the goals not reached. I know there is wisdom to being honest about these things and being able to make new objectives for the new year, however, we HAVE accomplished much...and we don't give ourselves enough credit for the things we DID, the goals we REACHED, the changes we embraced, the lessons we learned, the new experiences we invited, the risks we took, the loss we grieved, the joy we experienced.
So, today, of course...I shall do this. On all of our behalf, of course, I take inventory of what wonderful, positive, life changing things occurred in 2007 that will forever make me a better person!
* The adoption was finalized in Feb. 07 and I became a LEGAL parent of the twins, although I was their mommy from the day I inseminated their Mama T.
* My twins turned 1 year old
* We had a wonderful 1st birthday party (barnyard bash) for the twins and did not kill ourselves before the day arrived from all the planning, details, etc...(all though it was a close one)
* Through the March of Dimes, T began volunteering at the local hospital in the NICU as a support to parents with premature babies
* I moved into a new job closer to home, allowing me lots more time with the family
* We received better health insurance benefits through the new job; and more affordable too!
* I sold my Jetta (loved that car!)
* We bought a new family vehicle (gotta love the Caddie SRX)
* We took my house off the market, changed real estate agents, put the house back on the market, and then took it off the market yet again for an undetermined amount of time
* Little T began walking after her 1st bday
* We took an amazing vacation to MN to visit T's family
* The twins went on an airplane for the 1st time and did quite well
* I had my very first glass of milk from the dairy at the MN state fair
* Little C began walking for the first time in MN
* I went to my very 1st NFL game - GO VIKINGS!
* We had an amazing Christmas with the twins and family/friends.

Now, there are many things I am going to focus efforts toward accomplishing in 08, but wow, what a year 2007 turned out to be!! May 2008 be 1/2 as great!

We are hopeful for the following in 08:
* New Job
* New House
* Twins will turn 2 & possibly start part time pre-school
* T return to school
* Vacation back to MN around holidays, if possible
* New Car when lease for Caddie is up - towards end of year

Personal reflections and vows for improvement:
* I will be a better listener
* I will treat others as I want to be treated
* I will be more patient
* I will get healthier
* I will love more deeply and let go of fear
* I will be honest, even when it hurts, and let go of codependency, but be loving and caring with my honest words
* I will let go of anger and resentment
* I will lose weight
* I will stop biting my nails for good (ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED...WOO-HOO!)
* I will be a better me, with God's help and continued dedication, I will be a better person, partner and parent!

Here's to ALL that we accomplished in 2007! Well Done!

May 2008 bring us all peace and joy in abundance!

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