Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Boy, we as people really do not like rejection. In our core being, I believe that we all want to be invited in, known, accepted...we all want to belong and we want to feel alright within our own skin. For me, rejection can visit me in the form of often times feeling "not good enough." This can come in many forms, but currently, is ever present with the job search journey. Doors are closing all around me, and yet I believe the right one will open up, in the right timing. However, I must get my feelings in line with my faith. My faith whispers feelings scream despair. I must bolster my faith and make a choice to ignore my feelings. I need hope. I need peace in the midst of this journey. I need confidence and self love as I face the continuous messages of "rejection" that seem to shake my inner self a bit.
It is at these times that I focus on the faces of my children. They are my hope. They help me love myself better, as their perfect love seeps in. They teach me so much. They are my true motivation and inspiration.
Speaking of inspiration. My love, my partner T, she is quite amazing. She is really my better half and the compliment to all within me that is weak.
My Family is my life as I am bounced around on the waves of insecurity while searching for the right job, I will remember the love and strength found within, given freely from those that are most precious to me.

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