Friday, January 11, 2008

The "AWS" of Parenthood

There are so many "AWWW" moments as parents. You know what I am talking about...those moments when you sit back, gaze at your child and watch something amazing take place. Those moments where you say "AWWWW" in wonder, in fondness, in pride and amazement of this little person who is learning how to navigate through life.
It's in these moments, these tiny little moments of awareness, that true life, true beauty, pure joy and wonder dwell. If you allow it, the most amazing and fulfilling emotion will inhabit your heart and soul in these moments.
We are meant to be present in these moments and to "be" and receive life's blessings. We are meant to be engaged at this level and to allow this type of delight to overtake our beings. Yet many of us miss them. We have responsibilities, pressures, goals, deadlines, schedules, routines, others' expectations, fears, wounds, resentments...we allow all of these things to steal from us these moments...this glimpse into the heart of God. Time has passed and our own heart has grown weary. We feel so disconnected from God and have learned how to survive, rather than how to really live.
The heart of God is FOR YOU! The heart of God is about discovery, adventure, life, joy, love, peace, amazement, beauty, creativity, desire and passion. it me, or doesn't that also describe our little ones. I know my little toddlers certainly display and crave adventure, discovery, beauty, creativity, passion, joy, etc...on a daily basis. And you know, they truly show me that all the little "AWWWW" moments make up a life well lived and cherished.
May you have a moment today where you are still...captivated...amazed and utterly delighted by the true heart of God for you! May your circumstances, your situations present to you a glimpse into the love that exists within the heart of God, only for you! And in spite of our schedules, our deadlines, the pressures and responsibilities of life...may we all stop and truly engage in the presence of wonder.

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