Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So today is a bit blah...everything outside of my home seems to be falling apart, little by little...the job search brought about frustrating results today, the market continues to fall and I don't know when we'll be able to sell and relocate, the holidays are upon us and of course the crazy shoppers and drivers are out; full force this year it does seem.
But inside my home...well that's another story.
Inside my home WONDER lives, JOY abounds, LIFE flows and LAUGHTER reigns! Inside my home live two little people who fill my soul to overflowing with one glance! Inside my home two sweet, fresh, innocent hearts are playing and learning and soaking in everything that is within the world around them. Inside my home, my true heart finds it's shelter...and it is in this place that I take is in THEIR embrace that I find peace and is in THEIR eyes that I see hope. And so I will breathe in their beauty and I will find the strength within to make a better tomorrow...if only they knew how their presence makes a better me!

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