Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas is Coming!!!

Ok, time to change the pace a, I AM SO EXCITED for Christmas this year. The twins are really cute and they understand a bit more this year. They love to read books about Christmas, with Rudolph and Frosty, Santa and the Nutcracker...they love them all. If you ask my son what Santa says, he proudly says HO, HO...(for some reason, he only says 2 ho's and I can't get him to add on that third one. But, hey, he is only 18 months old.)
My daughter on the other hand totally gets "presents" and is ready every time a box even enters the house. I am not sure this is going to be a good thing as she gets older, but of course it's so cute right now. She gets so excited to see what's inside. Even the UPS deliveries that may not be anything at all...she will say "presets, presets" and sit down and wait to help you open it up. They also love to look at the Christmas lights around town. The moment we reach a street where the buh-humbugs have not put out lights, they instantly cry out "MORE IGHTS, MORE IGHTS"...and then as we reach a most spectacular display, they ooooo, awwweeee, woooowwww... it's just so neat to experience something with them, as they experience it for the very first time.
Tonight we are getting our tree after the twins are in bed...I can't wait for tomorrow morning when they wake up. Oh, if only we all experienced Christmas through the eyes and delight of a child.

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