Thursday, January 6, 2011

Step by Step - each day brings something new

So today I find out that my ex has gone behind my back and tried to make changes to my daughter's education. As of now, until our court date later this month, we have 50/50 custody and that also applies to educational rights which means that we need to both agree on decisions with regard to our children's education. And let me add the the proposed changes she wanted to make are completely in HER best interest to help accommodate her school schedule. They are NOT what is in the best interest of our daughter.

When will the deceit end? When will the manipulation stop? When will she begin to do what's best for the children? When will justice prevail? When will the righteous be rewarded? When will truth be revealed?


I am trusting in you. There is a lesson here for me - a stretching of my faith...but I really need you to show up and show off on my behalf later this month when we go to court. Please...isn't it time? Please...I don't know how much more I can take...

So....again, I reach the end of myself....and again, I am on my knees. I know this is the plan...if things weren't hard, I wouldn't need you...but please God....I am ready for a little break here....a sabbatical....just a little time to mercies every morning - may I ask for double tomorrow?

Oh and God, can you please heal my little children who came back from MN with bronchitis and who said and I quote "I missed you mommy and I'm so glad to be HOME" (little T) and C said "Missy, I cried for you. I missed you."

They know we are their family....they know this is their home. They also have mama's house - a very different experience for them though...and they know and feel it. They need a healing touch from you God - please bring them peace and let them rest all through the night.

Thank you for Missy who cares so sweetly for them and for GaGa who pours the love out freely. I am grateful and no matter what, I will maintain my peace...I will NOT let her take that away from me anymore. I will remain - present and feeling this, even though painful...I will not let her deplete my spirit. I will rise up in the strength of all the love that surrounds us - Missy, my children, our families, our friends, our fellow warriors along this journey - I will rise up and allow them all to help carry me.

We will make it through this day. One day at a hour at a minute at a time....but we WILL make it through!


  1. Hoping that things work out for those 2 little beauties.
    Also hoping they both start feeling better.

  2. Babe, we will make it through. I am here to hold you, remember I came from God's heart to you. I love you, and I'm praying for you to have hope. Hope that God's justice will be done on our behalf.