Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Tree - Me, I am the Tree

I wrote this poem in January 2010. I had NO idea what was coming - with regards to the fact that in a little over a month I would learn that my spouse at the time was cheating on me with a family friend, that it hadn't been the first time, that she was getting her needs met elsewhere (be them emotional or physical), that I was going to go through a horrific divorce and that my family was going to be dismantled, I would lose over 90% of my friends and basically all that I knew or thought to be true, was not - and that my foundation was very soon going to be completely uprooted. I had no idea of the betrayal and deceit and pain that I was going to experience...but I sat down to write one night, and this is what came out.

This was ONE YEAR AGO exactly.

"The Tree"

The Tree Stood
Strong and Firm
Rooted in Life's lessons and provisions

The Seasons changed
The Storms blew through
but the Tree did not waver

As the leaves fell
the Tree appeared barren and empty
as all outer signs of beauty faded away
But Inside
Rooted deeply, Her strength held firm
Her faith, solid
For as the Tree shed her outer garments
She knew that the cleansing, healing process of transformation
would once again produce the most beautiful fruit
Fruit to be taken and shared, to feed others and to bring strength & provision to them
And so She stood
In perfect peace
Allowing the cycle to strip her of all that was not producing life
Knowing that as She let it all go- the true beauty of all of life's wonder was waiting
to once again revel itself.

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  1. Excellent. Beautiful. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with the world.