Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seasons Change...

It has been so cold
Causing all signs of life to freeze
I watched as all fruitfulness was slowly stripped away as the never ending storms blew through; reminding me of the chaos and conflict that once ruled my heart
This winter has been extremely harsh
Causing much damage to the earth's core
The wreckage left behind many stranded and wounded; reminding me of the pain I've endured and since overcome, in order to survive

All pressing themes that belong to Winter's Bones

Seasons Change, they say
There's a time and a Season for everything, they say
Seasons are a time of transition, they say

As one Season dies and another begins, there is a peace that meanders through the air
A surrender that sings of the victory found in the ultimate release
No longer struggling
In the essence of loss comes a freedom
By letting go are we giving up, or giving in
The promise land still seems beyond reach
But as the new Season triumphs, I too can no longer fight
My will is gone

Alas, the rain begins to wash away winter's stain...bringing a fragrance so fresh and new
Wonder begins to dance upon the wind denying the harsh chill we previously avoided
The brisk night begins to resound with the shuffling of leaves
The songs of the crickets invite all to desert their hiding place
Life has begun
All is not lost after all
It's a time of re-birth
I shall join in.

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