Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Diving In

Can you come find me
Do you see the real me
You were once mine
You are again
But for how long
Is the longing deep inside
Something that is only tied
To who we used to be
Or is it insanity
You and me
So different, yet so much the same
Your touch
Your eyes on my body
Your heart singing its sweet love songs
I thought I'd buried the love we once shared
but now my heart is throbbing, aching...I'm scared
How do I protect myself
The pain is inevitable
Yet I choose to risk
The pull undeniable
Will I end up in the place I many years ago
How will I know
Please don't let me go
Just sit...stay a while, hang your hat
You owe me that
Let me in
breathe in my scent
Become my deepest sin
Together we'll repent
After we're completely spent
So don't hide your eyes, take each step fully aware
Hold my hand, and I promise I'll take you there!

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