Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Thine Self Be True

Little T and her Cheer leading Coach, after her very first exhibition performance, where they won 3 awards and she also received a trophy. She was very, very excited.
Little T and C, all ready to go to their very 1st school dance.

I cannot believe it. The kids had their first school dance. It was a Family Formal, so we all went together; even Grandma and Grampa came along. It was still just mind blowing to watch. The social aspect starts SO early. I sat and observed as the girls, in their little groups, fluttered around the room while the boys tried periodically to join in as an opening presented itself. Our little guy was of course just dashing. He became the coveted dance partner of the evening. In the end, it was the principle who won out and danced the night away with him as he continued to attempt to kiss her on the cheek. She was totally smitten!
Sometimes I am amazed as I sit back and watch the unspoken rules of our society begin to play out at such a young age. I actually LOVE that our boy has a different perspective with his amazing autistic brain. He asks great why aren't there any boys on his sister's cheer squad. I thought that was a great question, so we asked the coach...who in turn said there hasn't been any interest, but there aren't any rules that say boys CANNOT join..(mind you, our boy is one of the best in the back of the room as he copies his sister, memorizes the moves instantly and is already a great gymnast). If it weren't for our desire to give them the opportunity to have their very own experience (as twins - this was intentional because there has recently been some overshadowing issues)...I would totally let him join. He would not mind one bit that he was the only boy. Others however, in our society where there are all these unwritten rules of how things SHOULD be....well, it might ruffle their feathers a bit. You know, I have been a trailblazer all my life...forging ahead into uncharted territory, paving a way for change without even knowing it...we all have...all of us who are different, marginalized in some way or another...TO THINE SELF BE TRUE...that is what I am working on currently in my recovery. Boy what a lesson to allow your children to live in their OWN truth...even when that means that you, as a feminist, have to allow your daughter to be a cheerleader because that is what SHE really wants to do, or you support your son to be the only boy in an all girl sport because it makes HIM happy.
Isn't that what we all want be accepted and loved and to be able to be known in our truth and loved anyhow? I know I do and I still struggle with giving that and receiving here's to hoping I can be of service in trying to raise a new generation; full of acceptance and love.
It's amazing how our children can teach us so much about life. I am grateful to be present and I pray that I continue to pay attention.

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