Thursday, February 9, 2012's constant thing that you can always count on. I guess it's time to update this blog so that I can once again reclaim it as the space where I walk out my truth. A LOT has happened since I posted and so let's just say NOTHING is the same, and I am now living a life of recovery. Recovery of myself, my heart, my desires...Recovery of my relationship with my ex, the mother of my twins...Recovery also as in Sobriety...Recovery of all the loss and damage that has occurred over the last year and a half.
I am living now as I never have before, and yet I am just beginning this journey. Missy has moved on to recover herself and I know she is finding the real true Missy. I will always be grateful for our journey together.
Tracy, my ex wife, and I have begun to reconcile and join one another yet again along this journey of life. We are forever changed by the last year and a half and although it took hell to get us to where we are; I am grateful for our current ability to value one another, one day at a time. is never ending. I am changing, the kids are constantly changing, my perspective is changing and as a behavior, choices and desires are changing.
I am grateful, even for this difficult season, as I know it will bring about a different way of living and it's about time!
So...I reclaim this blog so that I might still have the freedom to process, share and connect. I am learning so much every day about myself and the person I want to become. I am committed to this journey of self discovery. I know it is the pathway to freedom!


  1. WOW ! Way to go.
    Change is good !
    Here to listen.

  2. May your journey continue to bring you blessings. My wife is now almost 6 years sober and our life together is AMAZING! Peace and blessings to you!