Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Enough is Enough - I AM DONE.

The tale you tell, so confidently and just You tell this story as if you even know us You haven't had a conversation with me in almost a year And yet you have all these rules you feel I should adhere to IF I were pure in my motives IF I were repentant in my heart IF I desired to "make things right" and yet your spirit just seems to have this desire to fight. Nothing you say comes from a spirit of reconciliation but actually coated in division and a desire for humiliation Your motives are in question, by way more than just me I pray you put your own agenda aside, for the sake of the ministry.


  1. WOW! sounds like you needed to let that out! I pray now that you "let it out" you "raise it up" and "let it go" friend. Stay strong

  2. Vicki - yea, I did need to let it out and yes you are so right....I have already given it over completely (raised it up) and I am working on letting it all go - lots of pain and lots of wounding froma place I used to call home and people who used to be "family." But thank you for your encouraging words!!! They mean a lot to me!