Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the house is quiet.
i thought i heard them calling for me in the other room
but they are not here
my heart
it's so full - yet void
they get plucked from my arms, from our family, over and over and over again
it leaves me empty and so broken
and the quietness, the absence - it is unsettling, for it is not what is meant to be. my family is meant to be together. my family: Me, Missy, C and T.
If I feel so broken and empty when they leave, how must they feel. Oh, their tender little hearts.
We had a wonderful Christmas - a wonderful time together, time with Missy's family and with my family - it was great....and then, we return and they are gone - this time for 10 days. They are traveling to MN to visit Mama Tracy's family. That is good for them. They love them. They will have fun.
I miss them -

I heard this quote tonight: "In order for the light to shine bright -the darkness must be present." I believe that feeling the deepest pain, is what also allows us to feel the highest joys. But some days, i just cry - weep really, because it hurts to the core. They are a part of me - and every few days a part of me disappears.

But again...we will get through this day. One day at a time. One moment at a time if need be. I am so grateful for my love Missy - and for my sweet boy and beautiful girl.

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