Saturday, February 6, 2010

it rained today, cleansing the earth...and the cool breeze on my face felt heavenly as i walked thru the puddles, pondering the land's thirst; which is hardly ever quenched.............and as the tears began to flow, so the cleansing began within me...and as i gazed toward the beautiful sky, watching the birds soar overhead, i wondered...will the thirst in the deepest part of my soul ever be fully satisfied?

the land soaked up the rain, drinking it in as the parched cry for more continued, searching for the next drop...and the next...and the next. and as i closed my eyes and took a deep breath in, i felt the deepest part of my being...and i was sweetly surprised that your presence had not been purged from my core self....and even tho you may not know it, you are the perfect mate to my soul's longing......the desire for more of you instantly envealoped my heart and turned into craving....and as the parched cry of my inner man still searches for the next drop....and the next...and the next....i will journey forward.

oh my sweet song, your love is my battle cry...
oh wounded warrior....may the healing within my wings enable us both to rise up out of the ashes...
lay down your sword and surrender this fight
and may we both find our soul's perfect peace

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