Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WOW 2010! CRAZY!
As I sit here in the quiet I can hear little T coughing - sick again, thank you pre-school germs..and C keeps talking in his sleep. The winds and rains that are blowing out there are creepin me out. It's sunny Cali, we're not supposed to have tornados and 75 mile p/hr winds and 25 ft waves - geesh! And, let me add...we totally don't know how to deal with this weather...oh my, the commute home was so HORRIBLE! At least I am home now though - yea! C is doing so good in school and his overall engagement and interaction has been totally improving. The other day I heard him say "excuse me mama, can I get by you" which is something I've never heard from his mouth before...and we're working on potty training. He initiated it - wanted to wear big boy underwear...and he's doing really well so far. One day at a time! Today he brought home a super star award because he kept his underwear dry (oh it's the little things that make mommy so proud)! He has also been staying on topics for longer periods of times. Even our friends noticed that he was pretend playing on the same subject for a long time and interacting with the other kids! I am so grateful for school and for his teachers! My T is back in school - only one class per week/evening (tonight) so that is not as bad as last semester. We're waiting to see if she can apply to the Nursing program in the fall...we're hoping and praying so! Well that's all for now...just enjoying the quiet - minus the little coughs and sleep talking and howling wind and rain pouring outside...but that's nothin these days - simply blissful!

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