Monday, February 8, 2010

The bible says there is a time for everything. I believe this to be true (as did Kevin Bacon in Footloose when it was "a time to dance!") I have entered a new journey. A time for mourning...a time to be changed....a time to reflect and consider all that God has provided...a time to choose life, in the midst of pain that feels an awful lot like death. There is a time for everything.

The bible also says that joy comes in the morning and each new day, God has new mercies for us...and He provides for us each day - give us THIS day, our daily bread (provision).

I am grateful for all that I have, but I have taken a lot for granted. I don't know why or how that happened, but I am realizing that at some point I stopped investing at a certain level, knowing that the other would always love me.

Well, there is a time for revelation and that time is now.

I receive the "aha" moments, as Oprah calls them and I will take a fearless inventory and I pray for the strength to take each step, one at a time until "times" change.

And hopefully my next journey will bring a time of rejoicing, of dancing (Yes, KEVIN BACON!) and of pure joy!

Until then, I will soldier on!

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  1. Hi, I came over from Tyfanny's blog. I have a daughter about the same age as your twins (just turned 4). They are cuties.