Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well, still workin on making healthy choices, just one meal/snack/ a time. Some days it's pretty easy and it feels great and I desire to exercise and everything. Then, there are days like today and I just want to eat. I'm hungry and I want to snack and I want to eat good tasting food. I think I am PMS'n, so no wonder. 18.5 pounds down...will keep on truckin. It's a lifestyle - about moderation and balance and not just about the moment. I can do this...I really can.
Anyhow, on the kid front, C has his IEP next week and then he's going to start school the very next day - SDC (Special Day Class). He'll go all day, from like 9:00 - 3:30. That's a long day, but I understand that for autistic kids, the reinforcement is huge, the routine, schedule, etc...
It's really weird, I know that kids eventually grow up and go to school and their parents don't accompany them, but now being a parent, it's a bizarre thought to me that my kids will go and have this life - completely separate from me - and experience things and build relationships and try to navigate the world WITHOUT me. It's very odd and I think what if some thing's bothering them, or I can tell something hurt their feelings, or what if some other kid is mean, or what if no one is friendly to kills me to think they'll have to deal with all of this WITHOUT me or T. I know, I know...we all did it, but being a parent now, it just doesn't seem right!!!!
On another note, the Vikings (football team - became loyal fan through marriage) are currently 6-0 and doing great - they may go all the way to the Superbowl and I promised T a long time ago that if they ever go, we'd try and get tix. I better start savin my money! Here is little T and C, rootin for the Vikes!

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