Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My little "big" girl

My little T, growing up so fast. You know the stage where kids say very insightful things, and very factual things, not trying to offend or hurt anyone, but obviously just realizing and commenting on things within the world - as they see it? Well, here are a list of insightful and funny things recently said by my daughter.

1. Mommy, you should tell your work that you are busy with your family and never go back. (AMEN! ;-)

2. Everyone is different, like you have dark brown hair Mommy, but we love you anyway.

3. Ga-Ga, your tummy is big, my tummy is small.

4. Since babies are born 2 at a time, where does the other baby go when families only have one?

5. Can I be nocturnal so I can play with Peeps kitty while everyone sleeps at night?

6. I don't want C to be alone, so I should be with him in his preschool class.

7. Ga-Ga, when you were little, where did you and Grampa live?

Oh, kids say the darndest things!!

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