Saturday, April 18, 2009

Little T, so sweet and beautiful. This week, while I've been home on vacation, she has been acting out a little bit. It's my opinion that even negative attention is attention and since we've been giving C a bit more attention lately due to his recent diagnosis, I think T is not sure why and she wants more of our time and energy. So, I've been trying to give her more of me when I am home....and it seems to be helping.

I talked to her the other day...about our boy and I said, you know how C has a hard time sometimes, well can you say autism and she said "autism" and I said well that is something C has and sometimes it just makes it hard for him to work through things. I said, we will just have to help take care of him ok? She said, is he sick (and it reminded me that she is only 3 - almost) and I said no baby, he is not sick, he just needs some extra help sometimes, can you help mommy with that. She said sure mommy! It was so darling. I do believe that she is his special angel. They have such a bond and I know she will help him immensely through this journey. I am so grateful for my boy who is so sweet and my girl who is so caring!!

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