Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What makes a Family?

So, Prop 8 passed and many people voted on what constitutes a marriage and a family within the state of CA. What's interesting though is that we are still committed, we are still a family, we are still taking care of our kids and loving each other every day. So, we obviously know what makes a family, even if others in America do not. We live it every day. I'm so grateful that I know that God cares much more about HOW we love, then WHO we love. What's really sad is that some of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters are not truly representing the heart of God in this matter. They will have to stand before the God of Love and account for their discrimination, their judgement & their self righteous behavior. In the mean time, we are challenged with standing up for justice, talking about equality and being the face of this issue. My kids are the face of this issue...and they KNOW they are loved and cared for and they in turn LOVE their Mommy and Mama, and we all love Jesus and HE loves us! It's like being a Christian and being gay...people say "How can you be gay AND a Christian" It' not a matter of it being a question, it just is. I am a Christian who loves Jesus and I am gay. It's the same for our family...it's not a matter of "How can you be a family without a father, with 2 parents of the same sex, etc...?" It's not a matter of it being a question, it just is. We ARE a family!
So, Happy Holidays! From our Family to Yours!

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