Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Time of Great Change

Well here we are, just 7 days from Election Day. Things are really going to be different this time next week. Not only will I know if my constitutional rights have been taken away, but I will also know who will be leading our country. Will we remain in war? Will we have good solutions offered to help the American people in this economic crisis? Will healthcare improve? Will our taxes go down? What direction will our nation be heading? We do know that great change is upon us...will a woman enter the white house as VP or will a Black man enter the white house as our President? I still believe in the American people and in their ability to do what's best for our nation. I fear I may lose that belief if this election goes a certain way. I pray I won't.

As for my little ones, they are thriving at school and loving it. They are growing so fast. We recently visited the Pumpkin Patch to celebrate Harvest time. We are cheering for our Vikings. GO VIKINGS!!!

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