Monday, February 11, 2008

So hard to bear
It affects us so deeply

I think we were created to be known and to be in relationship
With God, our Creator, and with each other

God is a God of community
He restores relationships that are broken
Loss, that sadness, is not part of Him
For God IS Love

Loss is devistating
Especially when the person you lost is yourself!

Recently a friend passed away. She had brain cancer. The cancer affected her true self. She had many surgeries and eventually became someone different. The cancer affected her moods, feelings, attitudes, decisions, etc...and eventually, she was lost. The original, true core of my friend was no longer. She lost herself. In the final months of her life, she did things she would have never done. She hurt people and left people behind and made choices that many do not understand. However, it was her life to live. Grieving began long ago...for many of us, as my friend was lost and not returning.

When I heard of her passing last week, I became very sad. She did not end this life in the way she desired for so long. She was not with her daughter, she was not with her partner of 9 years, she was not with any of her friends, she was not even in Cali., which had become her home. I became very sad for her.

May we all make choices that reflect our hearts for one another. May we not take one day for granted. May we live in constant grattitude over the blessings we have in this life. For we are healthy (most of us), alive, capable, intelligent, talented, and most of all...we are here. We aren't wandering about aimlessley...we are not lost, we are present and engaged. That in itself is the true blessing!

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