Sunday, May 13, 2012

my bones cry out
a gut wrenching scream
everything in my entire body aches
the pain keeps dripping down my face
as my heart cries itself into a depleted state
my soul seeks solace
oh but comfort once again eludes me

the well is dry
return no more

suffocating, i gasp for life
as i choke on the sadness that permeates the air
fear taunts me, howling in the distance
but a song calls softly on the wind
a gentle voice invites me to come...
i know i must spread these ashes once and for all
clothed in my deepest agony...
i take but one step

the well is dry

i will return no more

1 comment:

  1. Your description of the pain that is felt when battling the urge to continue seeking something from nothing is beautiful. This really resonated with me. I am so glad that you wrote this entry for you, for me, and for anyone who has experienced this gut wrenching, heartbreaking pain. The end of this piece finds you victorious in walking away from the "dry well". Just remember that, no matter how attractive it may seem down the line, it is now and ever will be dry.