Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bonding - Finding commonalities and building bridges

Missy and my angel face - drawing with chalk and creating togetherThere are so many lessons we can learn from our children. My little girl loves to create. She loves to draw, to paint, to color, to read stories, to make up stories and to sing. She, like most young girls, enjoys sharing all of her creations and is very proud when she has completed a project. She and Missy have been bonding lately and it's been a beautiful thing to watch unfold. We both respected her journey...and let it happen organically and it's so sweet.
What I love about Missy is her innate ability to find the common ground and to build from there. This is such a lesson for all of us. How often do we shut each other out, or deny another any grace or understanding because we approach each other from a place of fear and insecurity, rather than find the thing we have in common and approach one another from a place were we can relate and actually find that we can share in each other's experiences. I am convinced that changing our perspective and approach will build bridges where you didn't think possible.
We as humans are so good at division and isolation. We are so good at finding reasons why you won't understand me and I certainly don't "get" you. We judge, we make assumptions, we find "difference" and we selfishly use it to help justify our own positions.
Today is the International Day of Peace. Today, I challenge you as I challenge myself...Reach forth and make an effort today, in peace, to find a commonality with someone that you really don't like very much. Maybe you have very different views on family, on ethics or politics, or maybe you really differ on how you parent, or the way you show love to your partner/spouse, or maybe you have been really hurt or rejected by someone, or possibly you feel that you are not good enough because you don't meet the expectations or standards of someone else who has projected that upon you.
Today, in peace, find a place of commonality...there is something, I promise you, that you share with that person in your human experience. Find a common ground and try to approach them from a place of peace and understanding. Bonds will form and a foundation will be built. I am watching it happen with my daughter and the love of my life. It's a wonder...how we all want the same thing underneath it all anyhow...to be loved, to feel safe, to be known, to be heard and validated for who we are and what we can bring to our world.
Let's reach out and bring that to one another today on this International Day of Peace. It's my challenge today as well....let me know how it goes for you, ok? I will do the same.
- Peace Out

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