Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here is a picture of Missy and her twin sister Mary - per request ;-) ;-)
To also share a bit more about the parenting style Mary and Eric are committed to - it's what I would call natural, organic, attachment parenting; which is something very familiar to us in Southern California. However, Mary and Eric live in one of the most conservative parts of the entire US and have been called "hippies" or "beatniks" because they are free thinkers, they welcome diversity, they believe in community & they have many people as part of their "extended family." For example...there's a house down the street with 7 bedrooms and about 10 people live there, in community, and share everything and are "a family." We have learned a lot about "living in community" and it's been so good for our souls. We might have called it "commune living" back in the day...but it's amazing to sit around a huge table with over 15 people, including couples, babies, kids, single guys, etc...who all love and care for one another, who all contribute to the "family" and who are all like minded with regard to their living space and their relationships with one another. It's quite inspiring. All of these things aren't the "norm" in a small, dutch, christian reformed, college town....and all of these people in "the blue house" accept one another and where they're at on their journey - with regard to life, purpose, spirituality, relationships, the world, etc...This amazing community of wonderful people exists in the middle of a town where we were pulled over and harassed with regard to the "nature of our relationship" and where if we lived here as out lesbians, we would not be able to get a job. CRAZY! But...this trip has been so good for our souls and we are full of gratitude!!


  1. You are awesome for posting all of this.
    Ok...they are identical ? no ? how awesome is that.
    I don't think that kind of thinking is super radical. I think as long as they are happy, loving, law abiding citizens...what the hell. Who cares if there are 10-15 people living like a family.
    Why don't they move someplace that is more tolerable to them.
    Any ways. Thanks for sharing all of this. ;-)

  2. All hail the hippie beatniks! I'm so glad you two came to visit-- I am so thankful that you two are so happy. And Missy is so happy!