Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Angry at the world!!!

I am angry! I am angry that my son has Autism. I am angry that his symptoms seem to be getting worse and there's nothing I can do to help. I feel so helpless! I am angry that all the doctor's want to seem to do is make him fit into this box of what they think Autism is and then put him on drugs. I am angry that we share a little about some of his meltdowns and all of a sudden the doctor writes up an evaluation that says he has tantrums for hours and is aggressive. He is NOT and his tantrums have never lasted longer than 1 hour max. I am angry that there is this need to make him dangerous or in need of being on psychotropic medication. That is BS! I am angry that he has this disorder that takes him away from me at times. I am angry that his senses get so overstimulated that he cannot even go with me to the grocery store. I am angry. I know I'll get over it...but right now I feel so angry and helpless.

He is my boy and I'll be the first to describe his challenges and tell you exactly what he needs help with, etc...but he doesn't need to be on pills! I HATE DR'S THAT JUST WANT TO PRESCRIBE MEDS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

He is my boy. He is my boy!

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